Learning a language or a new discipline represents a very personal and rewarding experience. Family Elite can guide you in your choice of schools, courses, teachers and specialists. 

Our selected schools and teachers will treat you with special rates that we already negotiated with them. We will help you pick and combine the courses you would like to attend.

– Mastering the English language in a private school or university or taking classes in the comfort of the home of your host family

– Practicing yoga in a private studio or on the beach

– Learning how to surf

– Improving your abilities in golf

– Taking dance, singing, circus, drama or comedy classes

– Learning about wines and oenology, etc.

Simply ask us about any type of course and we shall find it for you!

Note that specific rates and details of every class will be announced to you upon confirmation of your stay with Family Elite.

Finally, note that if you do not exceed 18 hours a week of lessons and you stay less than 3 months, it will not be necessary to obtain a visa; however if you are planning to exceed 18 hours per week, a visa will have to be granted to you BEFORE your arrival in the US. Please refer to our section “Visas” for more information.

Finally, we also give the possibility of visiting the offices of world-famous companies such as Discovery Channel, Miramax, Google, the campus of USC – University with the 1984 J.O. Coliseum–, UCLA and CSUN Northridge universities. 

At the end of your stay, you will have learned how to adapt and integrate yourself in the new culture and how to communicate well enough in the foreign language, and all that with certain easiness since Family Elite assists before and you during your entire stay.

MAKE SURE to also check out our section “Internships“.

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