To practice a foreign language there is nothing better than living with a local family. This option comes out cheaper that staying in a hotel, or even in a youth hostel where the number of days of your stay is limited. Almost also impossible to rent an apartment if you do not have good financial credit (also called credit history) to show.  

The family members will share their activities and their daily routine (table meals, hikes, going to the movies, visits to museums, sports, holidays celebrations, shopping, etc).

  • We undergo all the families to a criminal background check, we visit them on several occasions and they are ready to welcome you according to high standards of security and cleanness.
  • We personally know all the families well. We select them for their open mind and their availability of sharing their lifestyle, their city and certainly their language with you.
  • These families show a sincere availability towards you, their guest. You will quickly feel comfortable and will not waste any time trying to integrate into the city.
  • Finally, these families may have children of your own age or may have friends/neighbors with children of your age.

Type of host families:

➢ Couples with children

➢ Couples without children

➢ Single host with children

➢ Single host without children

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