Family Elite offers the unique possibility of combining your homestay accommodation with an internship in a company. Please note that you do NOT have to attend any course to get an internship with us. 

This internship is however not financially compensated and do not exceed 18 hours a week. If you wish to do an internship exceeding 18 hours a week, you will have to get a visa PRIOR to your arrival in the US. Please refer to our section “Visas” for more information.

According to your career goals and personal experience, Family Elite will find you an interesting internship in the following fields:

Advertising & Marketing

– Arts & Sciences

– Business, Trade and Finance

– Hospitality and Culinary arts 

– Fashion

– Tourism

– Education

– Human Resources

– Publishing

– Law

– Photography

– Marine Biology and Protection of the Environment

– Entertainment and Media (TV and Radio)

– and much more

We also give the possibility of visiting the offices of world-famous companies such as Discovery Channel, Miramax, Google, the campus of USC – University with the 1984 J.O. Coliseum–, and the campuses of UCLA and CSUN Northridge universities.

At the end of your stay, you will have learned how to adapt and integrate yourself in a new culture and how to communicate well enough in a foreign language, and all that with certain easiness since Family Elite assists you before and during your entire stay.

BONUS: A 30-min session, covering the typical job interview techniques in the USA and how to write a resume according to American standards, will be offered to you if you decide to participate to an internship selected by Family Elite!



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