Intriguing, intense city and cradle of the American dream, Los Angeles is a daily enchantment. Tentacular but microcosmic town, LA is the city of paradoxes, legendary destinies and filled with opportunities. Captivating and sunny urban patchwork, the worldwide capital of the 7th Art, shows grandeur as no other city in the world does!

From the so symbolic signs of Hollywood, dominating all of Sunset Boulevard with the television and movie studios, to the ultrachic boutiques on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and those hippies on Melrose, from the promenades of Santa Monica and Venice Beach to the excitement of Disneyland, Los Angeles is constantly in action.  

The City of Angels gives everything to its people: lively, modern and vast city where the ocean, the mountains, the parks, the forests and the deserts are in town or just a couple of hours away. Los Angeles has plenty of sunshine throughout the year and is not affected by humidity and winds.

LA still enjoys the status of an El Dorado city. The economy is still booming here, the tourists are proliferating and rushing from the four corners of the globe, numerous cultural events of worldwide reputation are programmed all year long and sport lovers will be thrilled thanks to the mythical Lakers, Kings and Dodgers.

So, not to be missed among a few:

• In WINTER: the ceremony of the Academy Awards (the Oscars), the Super Bowl (NFL leagues) parties in February, the all-year-round sales in the shopping centers…

• In SPRING: the LA Big Marathon, the Renaissance Fair and the Long Beach Grand Prix…

• In SUMMER: the July 4th (National Day) Parade, and all the free outside festivals of music and theatre in parks and along the beaches…

• In FALL: the Halloween parties, the many Parades in West Hollywood in October and the « Day of Deaths » in the Mexican quarters, the turkey dinners for Thanksgiving in November, the Holiday Season decorations and iceskating rinks under the palms trees and skyscrapers all over town.


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